little girl using tablet computerLearning Possibilities in Early Years Classrooms

“One of the roles of  is to awaken and develop (the) powers of creativity.”  – Sir Ken Robinson

We live in a world that is surrounded by technology.  We have new “systems of communicating (instant messaging), sharing (blogs), buying and selling (eBay), exchanging (peer-to-peer technology), creating (Flash), meeting (3D worlds), collecting (downloads), coordinating (wikis, websites), searching (Google) and even learning” (Prensky, 2005).

Learning the core skills of reading and writing will still be a strong focus of early years classrooms in Hanover School Division, as well as, working on developing the eight core competencies of the division’s Deeper Learning Plan.

In order to help support the development of the core competencies, the division has equipped every Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2 classroom with a short-throw digital projector, Apple TV and a pod of five iPads.  These new teaching tools will help teachers and students: create new ideas, knowledge or understandings; explore beyond the walls of the classroom; share what they have learned; engage multiple learning styles; and ignite a passion for learning.

When students create, it makes their learning visible.  Providing classrooms with a pod of powerful mobile devices that can be used as a camera, audio recorder, scanner, a thermometer, calculator, notebook, video recorder, a musical instrument, a translator, photo editor, and a text-to-speech tool – opens the door to so many possibilities for students to create, collaborate, share (peers, parents), and demonstrate their learning in a variety of different ways.

Phase two of the Deeper Learning Plan will continue in Fall 2017 by providing Grades 3 & 4 classrooms with the same digital technologies.