Ward: 3 (Steinbach)

Tel. 204-371-5761 / 204-346-2675    Email bunger@hsd.ca

Hi. My name is Brad Unger. My wife Korine and I live in Steinbach along with our two children. I am employed as a funeral director at Birchwood Funeral Chapel. Having kids in the school division was one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a school trustee in the first place. I want to be able to help this great school division become even better! The other main reason was that I just really wanted the opportunity to work alongside my fellow trustees and school administrators to maintain the wholesome values that are so important to our region.

I’ve always known that The Hanover School Division is a fantastic place for kids to go to school and teachers and school staff to work. I attended grades K to 12 at South Oaks and Green Valley School in Grunthal. Then my own kids began to attend school in the division, and my wife and I gained an even greater appreciation for Hanover. Now, as of last fall, I have the privilege of serving this division as a school trustee in Steinbach.

Board Committees for 2016-17

  • Education (Vice-Chair)
  • Governance & Public Relations
  • Workplace, Safety, and Health (Chair)