Ward: 2 North

(Landmark, Blumenort, and Mitchell)

Tel. 204-380-2100 / 204-326-2696      Email lbarkman@hsd.ca

I grew up in a small town called Halbstadt. Our land was located at the border without a road – thus I could be in USA, Canada and at home at the same time.

Why I chose to serve?

Education has always been very important to Ron and myself. Our children have a very good education and would also like to see every student in HSD achieve their individual best.

What excites me the most?

To have started from a very good smaller rural school division to “even better” larger school division and continued with a solid reputation for quality education and be visionary.

Personal goals

To be open minded – to change always be visionary and remember “big picture model”. To dream, think outside the box and act when possible. My saying – If it doesn’t benefit the students, why do it?!

Connection to community

Try and attend most of the school functions! Love it! It is truly a privilege to see our students perform and watch the excitement in the faces of the parents.

Family information, employment

Married to Ron Barkman, farmer. Have 4 children, 2 daughter in laws and 6 grand kids.

Board Committees for 2016-17

  • Operations (Vice-Chair)
  • Finance and Negotiations