PLC – Learning Coaches

The Professional Learning Centre serves as an educational resource to all Hanover School Division teachers.

Home to the division’s robust and diverse team of learning coaches, the coaches are a group of master teachers.  As such, their work involves building connections with other teachers throughout the division, helping them create the best environments possible for their students.  

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“The coaches are there for the teachers.  While they have particular passions and interests within the realm of education, each one is ready and able to   serve any teacher in the division regardless of grade level or subject area.  Their involvement could range from resource sharing to team teaching to pedagogical troubleshooting. The coolest part is that if they don’t know the answer to a teacher’s question/concern, they’ll touch base with one of the other coaches and find an answer.”

– Darren Kuropatwa, Director of Learning


The Professional Learning Centre is located at 77 Lumber Avenue at the Southeast corner of Stonybrook Middle School. Please contact the Learning Coaches directly through HSD email or call the Professional Learning Centre Office at 204-326-4224.

Meet the Team

Lucie BoutetRuss Dirks
Barb GalessiereKim Koop
Rhonda KubanekHolly Anderson
Charmaine MackidAnne Reimer
Martha ReimerHelen Robidoux
Brett SchmallCorinne Thiessen