Aug. 25School Offices Reopen
Aug. 31Board Meeting (Public)
Sept. 6Labour Day
Sept. 7Board Meeting (Public)
Sept. 7Admin Day / Open House
Sept. 8First Day of Classes
Sept. 17Strong Connections
Sept. 20Strong Connections
Oct. 5Board Meeting (Public)
Oct. 11Thanksgiving
Oct. 18-21School Bus Safety Week & Evacuation Drills
Oct. 22MTS PD Day (No Classes)
Oct. 26Board/PAC Liaison Meeting
Nov. 2Board Meeting (Public)
Nov. 11Remembrance Day (No Classes)
Nov. 12Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Nov. 29Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Dec. 7Board Meeting (Public)
Dec. 22Last Day of Classes Before Break
Dec. 23-Jan. 5Christmas Break
Jan. 6Schools Reopen
Jan. 6Kindergarten Registration Opens (2022-23)
Jan. 11Board Meeting (Public)
Feb. 1Board Meeting (Public)
Feb. 4End of First Semester
Feb. 4Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Feb. 21Louis Riel Day
Feb. 25Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Mar. 1Board Meeting (Public)
Mar. 11Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Mar. 25Last Day of Classes Before Break
Mar. 28-Apr. 1Spring Break
Apr. 5Board Meeting (Public)
Apr. 15Good Friday
Apr. 18Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Apr. 19-22School Bus Evacuation Drills
Apr. 26Board/PAC Liaison Meeting
May 3Board Meeting (Public)
May 15School of Choice Deadline
May 23Victoria Day
Jun. 7Board Meeting (Public)
Jun. 13Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Jun. 27SRSS Graduation
Jun. 28GVS, NHS, LC Graduations
Jun. 29Last Day of Classes
Jun. 29Board Meeting (Public)
Jun. 30Admin Day (No Classes)