Hanover School Division is pleased to release the results of the HSD Community Engagement for Schools that took place within our school communities, during the months of April/May, 2016. A total of 2,111 participants shared 3,603 thoughts, and assigned 132,426 stars.

Analysts from Thoughtexchange collected the community engagement data, reviewed all thoughts, and have prepared a results website for public viewing. Included within the online results are summary pages for each school, listing the top-starred thoughts shared by parents and guardians specific to the schools in which their children attend.

It is the desire of Hanover School Division to engage in meaningful communication and dialogue with our school communities. This engagement enabled parents/guardians to share their thoughts as a collective community voice, thereby helping each of our schools to identify community-shared priorities, appreciations, and concerns. The results of which will help inform future decisions at the school and divisional levels. Like any assessment, results are a snap-shot in time and we do expect that perspectives will change. However, at the moment, all thoughts are important and true for each individual and to those who starred the thoughts.

On behalf of all Hanover schools, thank-you to all who participated and shared their voice. As our partners in education, your feedback is invaluable and appreciated.

Randy Dueck, Superintendent-CEO 

View the HSD Community Engagement for Schools – Results Website