The goal of the Hanover School Division is to achieve Deeper Learning through dynamic learning environments, collaborative learning partnerships, current pedagogical practices, and leveraging digital technology. By embedding digital technologies into classroom practice, we accelerate, amplify, and add value to learning.

Chromebook 1:1 will enhance learning by creating a personalized student-centred learning environment, where by the fall of 2018 every Grade 9-12 student will have access to a Chromebook in school and at home. This 1:1 environment will further support collaborative inquiry, and expand learning beyond the classroom.


  • Signed Chromebook 1:1 User Agreement
  • Responsible Use of Technology Agreement on File (Digital Citizenship)
  • Student and Parent/Guardian review the Chromebook 1:1 FAQ as listed on this website.

Why a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop, running Chrome OS as its operating system. It is designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet. Chromebooks have fast startup, are known to be reliable, require low maintenance, and are not susceptible to software viruses. Chromebooks also integrate seamlessly with G Suite for Education (Google)

Who will be receiving a Chromebook?

All students entering Grade 9 will receive a new Chromebook (rugged educational version). Students will have access to their designated Chromebook through till graduation.

  • Chromebooks in Education
  • Model
  • Device Care
  • Internet Safety
  • FAQ

Why Chromebook?

Easier. Faster. Chrome devices can instantly be personalized for learning by each student or teacher, and are easy to manage, making them an ideal solution for bringing the power of the web to classrooms. Learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends, so why limit access to applications, collaboration tools and homework resources after school?

Introducing the Chromebook

Learning Beyond the Classroom

HP 11 G4 EE Chromebook

Built for Students

Because students can be some of the most demanding users when it comes to technology, HP designed the HP Chromebook 11 G4 EE with their environment in mind. At 20 mm thin and just 2.7 pounds, the fanless HP Chromebook 11 G4 EE is the thinnest rugged Chromebook for Education designed to pass MIL-STD testing. With rugged construction accents like co-molded rubber edges, the device passes HP’s 70 cm drop test to help protect it from occasional bumps with lockers and drops from desks.

Chromebook3The spill-resistant keyboard helps keep the Chromebook safe from water-related accidents and includes smart features like a 180-degree hinge that allows the Chromebook to lay flat for easy collaboration, as well as an optional IPS panel that provides wide viewing angles, perfect for students working together on a project. And for those Google Hangouts study groups, built-in noise suppression technology makes everything sound great.

Inside, students will find an Intel® Celeron® processor for fast access to their applications and up to 9.5 hours of battery life to get through even the longest school day.

Chromebook Specs:

  • HP Chromebook 11 EE G4 Rugged
  • Intel Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz Processor
  • DDR3L SDRAM – RAM: 4 GB Memory
  • 16GB eMMC Flash Storage
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 6 HD AG LED SVA 1366 x 768 Display
  • Bluetooth 4.0;
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wireless
  • Chrome OS

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)

Device Care

  • Do not add any stickers or any other decorative items that would alter the appearance of the Chromebook.
  • Do not tamper with school tags that are present on the Chromebooks.
  • Use both hands when opening the Chromebooks.
  • Do not hold the Chromebook by the screen.
  • Always close the Chromebook before walking with it. Remember, it has an 8-second startup.
  • Chromebook2Never pack your Chromebook with other materials. Keep it separate from textbooks and other heavy objects that could potentially damage the screen.
  • Keep food and drink away from your Chromebook.
  • Treat your Chromebook as a valuable material–do not leave it lying around.
  • Do not use any chemicals or other liquids to clean your Chromebook.
  • Use microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen.

Powering your Chromebook

  • Chromebooks are required to be fully charged when you arrive at school each day.
  • When charging, be sure to place the Chromebook in an area that will prevent people from tripping from the power cord. This could injure the person and/or damage the Chromebook.
  • Determine a consistent place to charge your Chromebook at home.
    Take care when plugging in and unplugging the power adapter from the Chromebook.
  • Never travel or put the Chromebook into a backpack with the power adapter connected to the Chromebook. This can damage the cable.

Protecting your Account

  • Anytime you leave your Chromebook on your desk, close the lid so that no one can access your documents.
  • Do not share your Chromebook with anyone unless your teacher asks you to do so – In that case, be sure to sign out before you hand your Chromebook to the other student!
  • Do not share your password with anyone!

Internet Filtering

The Chromebook is a supportive online learning tool, for use in the classroom and at home.

To protect our students and encourage educational use, HSD has purchased GoGuardian, an advanced web filtering and activity monitoring service specifically designed for Chromebooks. GoGuardian keeps students safe when they’re online (on the school network and at home). This service cannot be turned off by students, and operates in the background regardless of device location. Safety and security measures include:

  • Web Content Filter – Customizable protection against harmful or distracting content
  • Advanced YouTube Filter – Granular control over which videos and comments students can see
  • Flagged Activity – Recognize concerning behavior based on customized terms and keywords
  • Theft Recovery – Quickly locate Chromebooks that have gone missing
  • Off Network Filter – GoGuardian provides around-the-clock protection for students away from school

HSD is confident in the effectiveness of this product for our Chromebooks, but we also recognize that there are no perfect filters. For that reason, Students are educated regarding online safety and best practices of digital citizenship, and we encourage parents/guardians to engage in discussion with their children on such matters.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your school. As always, we appreciate your feedback as partners in the education of your children.

GoGuardian Product Information Sheet

Digital Citizenship

HSD is committed to educating responsible citizens who RESPECT, EDUCATE, and PROTECT themselves and others. Use of the Chromebook is governed by Responsible Use of Technology Agreement, which includes the following student commitment:

As a student of the Hanover School Division, I will…

  • Protect my personal identity, and not reveal any such information online
  • Avoid accessing, not create, nor forward inappropriate or offensive online material
  • Respect the privacy of others, and not share their personal information online
  • Obtain permission of individual(s) before sharing any photographs, or video about them
  • Not use technologies to degrade, defame, bully, or harass others
  • Follow copyright laws and fair use guidelines for electronic content
  • Not post, or download illegal software, music, movies, or content
  • Report any concerns, misuse, or abuse of technology to my teacher or school designate
  • Take full responsibility for, and respectfully use any technology available to me
  • Use personal technology only when permission is granted, and keep it stored away when not in use
  • Connect only to school-approved Wi-Fi sources or networks
  • Turn off all peer-to-peer software (music, video, file-sharing) when using personal technology at school


Will students be required to purchase, or pay for the use of a Chromebook?

No. The Chromebook is an educational resource provided by the Hanover School Division. Similar to text-books and other instructional materials, HSD will supply Chromebooks to students at no cost.

Who owns the Chromebook?

HSD owns the Chromebook at all times. The device and AC charger are loaned to the student for educational use and must be returned at the end of the school year.

Does the Chromebook User Agreement require parent/guardian consent?

Yes. Any student under the age of 18 will require parent/guardian consent in the form of a signed Chromebook 1:1 User Agreement. This agreement indicates responsibilities, limitations, and liabilities for device usage.

Can a parent/guardian opt-out their child from receiving a Chromebook?

Yes, although we highly recommend that all parents/guardians agree to their child’s participation in Chromebook 1:1. Without a Chromebook, the student may not have after-school access to class work or collaboration opportunities in the same way other students do. Each school will have a limited amount of Chromebooks available for use (sign-out) during school hours. If opt-out is preferred, please contact your child’s school to discuss further.

Will any sensitive or personal information be stored on the Chromebook?

No. Data is not stored locally on a Chromebook. So if device is lost, there is no concern regarding personal data.

Will my child take this device home?

Yes. Your child will take the device home each night so that they can extend their learning beyond the school day.

Will students use their Chromebook in classes?

The Chromebook is a great device for accessing the web, typing notes, doing research, and a host of other tasks using a variety of web-based applications. Chromebooks will be used in class at the discretion of each teacher, to help meet the educational needs of their students. By providing a mobile device to each student we believe the curriculum will be enhanced, by extending learning opportunities both inside and outside of our classrooms.

How much of my child’s day will be spent on the Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a supplemental tool, not a replacement for a teacher instruction. Students will periodically use their Chromebooks throughout the day, as required by curriculum and instructional staff.

What applications will be pre-installed on the Chromebook?

Chromebooks will have G Suite for Education (Google) installed.

Will students require Internet Service at home for this device to work?

No. The Chromebook can be used offline if necessary. Please note that if Internet access is not available, functionality of the device will be significantly limited. The Chromebook may be connected to the Internet through home Wi-fi, or via a hot spot at a public library/local business.

Will an Internet filter be installed on the Chromebooks?

Yes. Internet filtering on the HSD network is implemented via a multi-layered security approach, utilizing trusted URL and IP filtering services, along with installed GoGuardian software. GoGuardian is an advanced web filtering and activity monitoring service, specifically designed for Chromebooks, that keeps students safe when they are online (when on the school network and at home). GoGuardian software cannot be turned off by students, and operates in the background regardless of device location.

HSD is confident in the effectiveness of our filtering services, but we also recognize that there are no perfect filters. School staff will do their utmost to ensure students arrive at appropriate sites. Students are educated regarding online safety and best practices of digital citizenship, and we encourage parents/guardians to engage in discussion with their children on such matters.

Will students be able to charge their Chromebooks at school?

One of the strengths of the Chromebook is its exceptional battery life. When fully charged, the Chromebook battery should last the entire school day. Students are expected to bring a fully charged device to school each day. A limited number of charging stations will be available at the school.

What happens if my child forgets to bring their Chromebook to school?

The Chromebook will play an integral role in classroom instruction, so it’s extremely important that students bring their Chromebooks to class every day. In most instances, students will be able to sign-out a temporary Chromebook for the day from the school library. Chromebook availability and procedures for day-time rental, may vary from school to school.

What if the Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged?

Students are fully responsible for device protection and care at all times. As per user agreement, the student’s account will automatically be charged $20 for Chromebook insurance (covers school year). This non-refundable insurance premium fully protects against accidental loss/damage or theft of the Chromebook. If student intentionally damages the Chromebook, any resulting insurance claim may be denied. Insurance coverage allows for a maximum of two claims per year:

  • First Claim – No charge
  • Second Claim – Parent/Guardian pays additional $50 deductible
  • Third Claim – Parent/Guardian responsible for full cost of repairs and/or replacement

Parent/Guardian will be provided with option to decline insurance. By declining such coverage, parent/guardian assumes full risk of device loss, theft, damage in all circumstances, and agrees to pay the lesser of device repairs or device replacement cost (approx. value $325).

Hardware defects, or repair issues resulting from normal wear/tear, will be repaired at no cost to the student and not require use of an insurance claim. If student intentionally damages the Chromebook, the resulting claim may be denied.

If Chromebook is damaged, will my child receive a new Chromebook as a replacement?

HSD ICT Services will assess Chromebook damage and determine if repairs are possible. In such instances where full replacement of device is necessary, HSD will provide either a refurbished, used, or new device.

My child lost their AC Charger. Can it be replaced?

Yes, AC Chargers are available for purchase from the HSD ICT Services Dept. for a cost of approximately $30 dollars. Alternatively, if Parent/Guardian has chosen insurance coverage – there is the option to replace the cord via insurance claim.

Does the Chromebook require anti-virus software?

No. It is not necessary to have antivirus software on Chromebooks because there are no running programs for viruses to infect.

Will students be able to keep their Chromebooks over the summer?

Chromebook and AC charger must be returned at the end of the school year. Students who graduate early, withdraw, or terminate enrollment in HSD for any reason, must return their Chromebook at point of enrollment status change.