Recognizing Service

The following long-term Hanover School Division employees will be leaving at the end of this school year or departed at an earlier time during the 2020/21 session. We honour their contributions to the mission of HSD and recognize their years of service to our school communities.

30+ YEARS  
Leonard FriesenBus DriverTransportation
Geri Harder-RobsonAssist. Superintendent of Student ServicesHSD Administration
Rhonda KubanekTeacher / Learning CoachProfessional Learning Centre
Alice SchellenbergTeacherKleefeld School
Ron TeffainePsychologistStudent Services

20+ YEARS  
Gary DesrochersTeacherSRSS
Sandra GerbrandtHead SecretaryBlumenort School
Brent GiesbrechtVice-PrincipalSRSS
Pat KoopEducational AssistantBlumenort School
Grant MayTeacherSRSS
Ed NeufeldPrincipalClearspring Middle School
Bob ProulxDirector of FacilitiesHSD Administration
Holly Rafferty Educational AssistantSRSS
Donna SniderEducational AssistantSRSS
Doris WiensTeacherGreen Valley School
Leona WoodmassEducational AssistantSRSS

10+ YEARS  
Valerie BellEducational AssistantStonybrook Middle School
Lisa BorowskiTeacherSRSS
Ron GoertzenBus DriverTransportation
Kurt HangleTeacherGreen Valley School
Mark KubanekTeacherSRSS
Lois NeufeldTeacherNiverville Elementary School
Michael PaymentTeacherSRSS
Anne PennerEducational AssistantMitchell Elementary School
Frank PraetschEducational AssistantClearspring Middle School
Katie Smith SchroederTeacherWoodlawn

5+ YEARS  
Sarah BartonTeacherNiverville Middle School
Margaret BeaudryEducational AssistantSouth Oaks School
Nicole BillialdTeacherSouthwood School
Marissa HarderEducational AssistantSRSS
Marvin HarderBus DriverTransportation
Elaine JanzenPayroll Benefits CoordinatorHSD Administration
William JonesTeacherLandmark Collegiate
Frank MaliteareBus DriverTransportation
Kenzie PrudhommeEducational AssistantNiverville Middle School
Melissa TaylorTeacherStonybrook Middle School
Helen TownsendCustodianLandmark Elementary School
Jason WicklundTeacherSRSS