Addressing the Board

Those wishing to address the board on an issue or concern, must make prior arrangements. HSD policy for addressing the Board of Trustees is outlined below:

BD – Board Operations and Procedural By-laws

Section B.16 – Procedures for Delegations Wishing to Appear Before the Board

16.1. Anyone can make a presentation to the Board on a Divisional issue provided:

  • 24 hours notice is given to the Superintendent in writing before the meeting (Monday before 5:00 p.m.)
  • All normal dispute resolution procedures or formal channels have been exhausted.

16.2. The presentation would occur immediately following the official opening of the meeting with the exception of personnel or contract issues in which case it would be deferred to the Committee of the Whole In‐Camera Meeting.

16.3. One spokesperson shall be identified for the group presenting.

16.4. The maximum time allotted per presentation is 10 minutes.

16.5. No decision will be made at the meeting where the presentation occurs. It will be carried forward to the next official meeting.