Hanover School Division 
Aug. 21Board Meeting (Public)
Aug. 22School Offices Open
Sept. 3Labour Day
Sept. 4Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Sept. 4Meet the Teacher Events
Sept. 4Board Meeting (Public)
Sept. 5First Day of Classes
Sept. 14Strong Connections
Sept. 17Strong Connections
Oct. 2Board Meeting (Public)
Oct. 8Thanksgiving
Oct. 19Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Nov. 5Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Nov. 6Board Meeting (Public)
Dec. 4Board Meeting (Public)
Dec. 21Last Day of Classes Before Break
Dec. 24-Jan. 4Christmas Break
Jan. 7Schools Reopen
Jan. 8Board Meeting (Public)
Feb. 1Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Feb. 5Board Meeting / Consultation on Budget (Public)
Feb. 18Louis Riel Day
Feb. 21Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Feb. 22Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Mar. 5Board Meeting (Public)
Mar. 8Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Mar. 22Last Day of Classes Before Break
Mar. 25-29Spring Break
Apr. 2Board Meeting (Public)
Apr. 5Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Apr. 19Good Friday
Apr. 23Board/PAC Liaison Meeting
May 7Board Meeting (Public)
May 20Victoria Day
Jun. 4Board Meeting (Public)
Jun. 25SRSS Graduation
Jun. 26GVS, LC, NCI Graduations
Jun. 26Last Day of Classes
Jun. 27Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Jun. 28Admin/PD Day (No Classes)
Jun. 27Board Meeting (Public)
Aug. 20Board Meeting (Public)

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