Superintendent’s PD Day

Hanover School Division EY/MY Teachers, Learning Coaches, and Student Service Clinicians gathered at Clearspring Middle School today for a full-day of professional development (Superintendent’s PD Day). Guest speaker Dr. Jenni Donohoo presented on the topic of Collective Efficacy: How Educators’ Beliefs Impact Student Learning.

When teachers believe that together, they are capable of developing students’critical thinking skills, creativity, and mastery of complex content, it happens! Collective teacher efficacy (CTE) refers to a staff’s shared belief that through their collective action, they can positively influence student outcomes, including those who are disengaged and/or disadvantaged. Educators with high efficacy show greater effort and persistence, a willingness to try new teaching approaches, set more challenging goals, and attend more closely to the needs of students who require extra assistance. When collective efficacy is present, staff are better equipped to foster positive behaviour in students and in raising students’ expectations of themselves by convincing them that they can do well in school.

Dr. Donohoo is a three-time, best-selling author and professional learning facilitator with more than 20 years experience in leading school change. In addition to her writing and consulting work, Dr. Donohoo is on contract with the Council of Ontario Directors of Education. In this role she works alongside system and school leaders in order to improve the quality professional learning and collaboration in schools and districts.



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