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The Steinbach Regional Secondary School Health Clinic is a cooperative partnership of the Hanover School Division, Southern Health-Santé Sud and Steinbach Family Medical. Operating as a satellite extension of Steinbach Family Medical, the on-site Health Clinic is staffed with a full-time Nurse Practitioner.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with a master’s or doctoral level education and clinical experience that allows them to diagnose illnesses, treat conditions, prescribe medications, admit patients to hospitals and order diagnostic tests. They offer a range of services and work to complement the services provided by family physicians and other providers.

The Nurse Practitioner serves over 1,700 students at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School, working collaboratively alongside the school’s public health nurse, addictions counselor, and dietitian. Through this innovative approach, the SRSS Health Clinic provides students with a single point of access to a team of health care professionals. By providing accessible care in school, health-related class absences are minimized.


The SRSS Health Clinic operates on an appointment basis. Students can call, text, email or drop in to arrange for an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. In some instances, walk-in appointments may be accommodated.

Although primarily directed towards students and staff of the Steinbach Regional Secondary School, clinic services may also be accessed by students who attend other HSD schools. The clinic also accepts appointments for children attending the facility daycare (Kinder Corner).

Office Hours

The SRSS Health Clinic will be open all days in which school is in session from 7:45 am to 3:45 pm (closed 12-1:00pm). During school closure, clinic services will not be available at the SRSS; on these days the Nurse Practitioner will provide services to students off-site at Steinbach Family Medical.


SRSS Health Clinic
190 McKenzie Ave.
Telelphone: 204-326-6426 Ext. 5338
Text Message: 204-392-0282

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Services Offered

The SRSS Health Clinic provides an exciting opportunity for students to begin the process of taking responsibility for their health care decisions in a safe, confidential environment where they are encouraged to develop a proactive approach to their health needs. Services available are similar to a medical clinic and facilitate a range of basic health care services, which include:

  • Complete physicals & checkups
  • Treatment of minor/acute injuries and illness
  • Minor procedures
  • Bloodwork and specimen collection
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Reproductive health
  • Mental health help and information
  • Health education and disease prevention
  • Prescriptions
  • Referrals to other health professionals or specialists

Health Clinic Newsletters

2022-23 School Year



Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates the SRSS Health Clinic?
The SRSS Health Clinic is an extension of Steinbach Family Medical, who supports operations of the clinic including supplies, equipment and the Electronic Medical Record. Southern Health-Santé Sud is responsible for the staffing of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) and other health care professionals including the public health nurse, and dietitian. Steinbach Family Medical is responsible for the staffing of administrative support.

Is a Manitoba Health Card required for appointment or registration?
No. Students are not required to show a Manitoba Health Card. Other cards such as a driver’s license or student ID card are acceptable forms of identification.

Will students have to pay for any clinic services?
No. The majority of services provided are covered by Manitoba Health. There are a few exceptions for non-insured services, such as a Drivers Licence Medical Exam.

Can students from other HSD schools access clinic services?
Yes. The services offered are available for students and staff of SRSS, students attending other HSD schools, and children in the SRSS Day Care.

Is parental permission required to access clinic services?
No. As is the case with a medical clinic, students are able to see a health care provider without parental permission. Certain services are only provided to those who can demonstrate the capacity to make informed decisions, and who understand both the risks and benefits of their decisions. Dependent on the service provided, health care providers may encourage the student to have discussions with their parents or guardians and may provide some coaching on how to have those conversations of a potentially sensitive nature. The health care providers can act as advocate on behalf of the students where needed.

Will parents have the option of attending an appointment with their child?
If it is the student’s wish to have a parent or friend present, the student may extend such an invitation. It is important to understand that this may impact how open the student may be in answering questions about their health and life.

Will parents be notified of clinic services provided to their children?
No. As per the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), if the student is assessed by the SRSS Health Clinic to be mature and responsible for their own personal health care, parents will not notified of services provided. Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility, which may include encouraging them to share information with their parents or guardians if there would be benefit to the student in doing so. Without consent from the student, SRSS Health Clinic cannot share the student’s personal health information with parents or guardians. Personal health information is kept confidential, unless the student makes claims to hurt themselves or hurt someone else. The health care provider has a legal obligation to report those situations to an appropriate authority.

Will the clinic work cooperatively with a student’s family doctor?
Yes. All health care providers of SRSS Health Clinic will work cooperatively and collaboratively with the student’s family doctor or primary care provider, if it is the student’s wish that the health care provider do so. For those students who do not have their own family doctor or primary care provider, the NP can function as their primary care provider. SRSS Health Clinic providers can also facilitate a student’s registration with the Family Doctor Finder Program.

Will the Nurse Practitioner have access to a student’s medical files at Steinbach Family Medical?
Yes. When the student presents at SRSS Health Clinic, the NP can then access the student’s previous medical files at Steinbach Family Medical.

Are appointments kept confidential?
Yes. All appointments are kept confidential. If other health care providers are involved in the student’s care, the health care providers share information that is on a ‘need to know’ basis for a client-centred team approach to care. SRSS staff will not have access to medical health records or personal health information. The SRSS Health Clinic receptionist will only have access to the schedule of appointments, not the entire medical chart. The security of health information collected and maintained by health care providers at the SRSS Health Clinic is of great importance. Only those providing direct care to the students may have access to health records.

Can students be referred to a primary care provider for follow-up?
Yes. The NP can provide a full range of primary care services at the SRSS Health Clinic which includes regular follow-up. An NP can also refer to other primary care providers, including the family doctor, specialists, and others, depending on the assessment, care and treatment plan.