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January 7, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to school! We trust that you and your family have had a restful and meaningful break.

Pandemic response planning for schools has focused on the safety and health of students and staff while ensuring reasonable measures are in place to minimize the risk of transmission and exposure to the virus in school settings. To this end, we are beginning to prepare for the resumption of in-class learning for K-12 on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021.

Grades K-6

In-Class Learning
K-6 students can continue to attend school for in-class learning. If choosing this option, please be aware that your child may be placed with another teacher within the school, as we work to accommodate all learners and maintain physical distancing requirements. Your child’s school will notify you in this instance.

Remote Learning
HSD will continue to offer remote learning as an option for Grades K-6 through until Mar. 26 (Spring Break). HSD will now be providing a divisional remote learning model. For those who choose to start/continue with remote learning beyond the current two week period (ending Jan. 15), programming will primarily take place in a multi-age format (i.e. Grade 1-2, Grade 3-4, Grade 5-6). Kindergarten students will engage in package-based learning, including a once per week telephone check-in with a teacher. Remote learning for Grades 1-6 will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning and will be taught by a cohort of HSD teachers from across the division. If choosing this option, please note that a teacher from another HSD school may teach your child.

For those students who will be participating in remote learning until Spring Break, there will be a transition period from Jan. 18-22. During this time, parents can choose to access the following websites for resources, and students can continue to complete outstanding work (from Jan. 4-15). Monday, Jan. 25, will be the commencing date of remote learning with an assigned teacher.


A survey will be sent following this communication to parents/guardians of all Grades K-6 students. Parents/Guardians will be asked to commit to remote or in-class learning for their children for the entire period of Jan. 18 – Mar. 26. The survey will also include a question regarding bus transportation.

The option to continue remote learning will be offered post Spring Break if schools continue to be in code orange. An additional survey and communications will take place prior to the break.

Grades 7-12

We expect the two-week mandatory remote learning period to end on Jan. 15. In anticipation, schools are preparing to revert back to a blended learning model, which includes a combination of in-class and at-home learning (50/50). This model will be similar to that which was in place before HSD moved into the Critical Response Level (Red). Your child’s school will provide additional details regarding scheduling. Optional remote learning will not be provided for Grades 7-12, with the exception of those who require medical accommodations. This requires a medical note and is only for students who are immuno-compromised or have immediate family members who are immuno-compromised.


Our regular busing schedule will continue. Reducing the number of students on our buses will minimize virus exposure to riders. To that extent, we strongly encourage alternative transportation where possible.

Hanover School Division is committed to providing your child with the education they deserve regardless of if they are at home or in their classroom. We thank you for your patience and partnership as we continue to create safe environments, accommodate, and provide education to all of our learners in the Hanover School Division.


Shelley Amos, Interim Superintendent/CEO
Hanover School Division

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