Rental Rates are calculated based on:
Facility Rental (base) fee + Hourly fee + Additional fees + Insurance (Permit) fee

Each is described below. A pdf version can be found here: <a class=”button” style=”font-size: 18px;” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Facility Use Rates (Fee structure)</a>



CLASS 1 (includes GST) – Multi-Purpose Room or GymnasiumN/C See page 2 for Class 1, 2 – Theatre or Cafeteria – SRSSN/C and 3 descriptions. – Use of SRSS Theatre Stage Lights &/or Booth50.00 CMS = Clearspring Middle SchoolCLASS 2 NHS = Niverville High School – Multi-Purpose / Drama Room where available50.00 SRSS = Steinbach Regional School – Gymnasium – other than NHS, SRSS or CMS50.00 – Gymnasium – NHS, SRSS or CMS75.00 – Theatre – SRSS (incl use of stage lights / booth)125.00 – Cafeteria – SRSS – Excluding Kitchen75.00 CLASS 3 – Multi-Purpose / Drama Room where available75.00 – Gymnasium – other than NHS, SRSS or CMS75.00 – Gymnasium – NHS, SRSS or CMS112.50 – Theatre – SRSS (incl use of stage lights / booth)187.50 – Cafeteria – SRSS – Excluding Kitchen112.50 ** For use longer than 8 hours in a single day, rate x 1.5 will be used.


(includes GST)Non-SRSS SRSS 3 Hr Min After 9:45 pm on regular school day45.00 65.00 No Non-Teaching Weekday (PD or Admin Days)45.00 65.00 Yes During School Day Hrs. – Between 7 am and 7 pm25.00 25.00 No Saturdays45.00 65.00 Yes Sundays60.00 80.00 Yes Statutory Holidays60.00 105.00 Yes


Permit/Admin Fee: $10.00 per permit application Permit Change Fee: $10.00 per permit change request Add for Refreshments Clean Up: $50.00 Add for Banquet Clean Up: $200.00 CHAIRS & TABLES – no charge if available within the facility.


FOR ALL CLASSES: ** No-show Fee – Any group that fails to show up for a booking without cancelling by 3 pm (Friday 3 pm for all weekend bookings) will incur a $25.00 charge ** Extended Time Fee – Groups are required to have cleaned up and vacated the facility by the end time on their permit. Groups that are in our facilities beyond the permit time will incur hourly charges based on our Sunday rates with a minimum 1/2 hour charge. Clean up fees only cover supply of garbage bags and sweeping and mopping of area used. FOR ALL CLASSES (includes GST) Regular use hours start at 7:00 pm (Class 2 & 3) or 4:00 pm (Class 1) and run to 9:45 pm on a regular school day. Facility use during these times does not incur hourly charges. Bookings outside of these times incur additional fees. Due to maintenance and cleaning schedules, schools are not normally available during annual school breaks. (Spring, Summer & Christmas Breaks)



Use of facilities to qualified user groups involving or pertaining to HSD children up to the age of 18, by local community, local government, local educational & non‐profit organizations for the following activities/functions: Organized Groups for meetings, recreation, games, arts & crafts, community & educational events Organizations, Volunteer Training, and/or other meetings or events of Minor Sports Associations HSD class or school reunions Birthday party activities


Use of facilities to qualified user groups involving HSD residents over the age of 18, by local community, local government, local educational & non‐profit organizations for the following activities/functions: Meetings, Banquets, Activities, & other events sponsored by local organized community service clubs, nonprofit, charitable or local government/regional health groups when the event is not a fundraising event Productions sponsored by local organized community group (with 1 no charge facility fee for set‐up/rehearsal during standard usage hours). Municipal, City, Town, Provincial and Federal Elections Local Arts Teachers and Students for Recitals (i.e. piano, voice, etc.) Local Church Groups (on a one year contract basis subject to annual review based on staffing availability)


Use of facilities to user groups in categories such as for‐profit/commercial, private, family, federal & provincial government, political, local fund raising events, and children & adult educational, recreational, & community events sponsored by people or organizations from outside HSD: Fundraising events for local non‐profit service clubs & charitable organizations Provincial and Federal Government Department meetings Activities by Families for gatherings, anniversaries, weddings or other special types of events on an occasional basis Children & Adult Educational, Recreational, & Community events sponsored from outside of HSD All Rentals that are not already covered by the Class 1 & 2 Activities/Functions above