School Community Engagements

Beginning on April 28, 2016, The Hanover School Division will facilitate a division-wide community engagement through the online group insight platform, Thoughtexchange. HSD invites parents/guardians to take part in this unique and exciting opportunity to share their thoughts, regarding the school their child attends. This engagement will enable parents/guardians to… Read More

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Deeper Learning in the Southwood Makerspace

Over the course of the school year, the Southwood Deeper Learning team has launched a Makerspace for the school. Fundamentally, this place is an opportunity for deeper learning for our students. The students come to the Makerspace ready to rise to a challenge. Their responses to the challenge cross the curriculum. A makerspace challenge involves a process that includes questioning, designing, perfecting, sharing, and reflecting. During this process, you would expect to see the students displaying the important characteristics of Our Kid.

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Board of Trustees – Official Statement

Steinbach, MB. April 20, 2016 – The Hanover School Division Board of Trustees has issued the following statement in response to recent media coverage concerning HSD and the topic of sexual orientation: As per our Respect for Human Diversity Policy (adopted May 6, 2014), the Hanover School Division is committed… Read More

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SRSS & SCU Establish Sabres Credit Union

Steinbach, MB. April 4, 2016 – Hanover School Division is pleased to partner with the Steinbach Credit Union (SCU) in establishing a student-operated Sabres Credit Union within the Steinbach Regional Secondary School (SRSS). As a branch of the SCU, the credit union will serve a growing community of over 1,500 students at the SRSS.

The partnership with SCU was initiated by SRSS Business Education Teacher – Esther Penner, and fulfills an educational need identified by her Business Education students. … READ MORE >

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