Our Kid as a Learner – Oct. 2017

This edition of Learning Matters marks the first in a series exploring the eight core competencies that describe Our Kid. Throughout this issue we explore what it means to be a learner, and see several wonderful examples of student learning in our classrooms and schools.

In this Issue

Pg. 2

Superintendent, Randy Dueck introduces us to the aspirational reality that all of our students are in the process of making sense of the wonderful world that they inhabit.

Pg. 3

Director of Learning, Darren Kuropatwa, describes what it means to be a learner and Principal Andrew Mead of Mitchell Middle School writes about Character Day, in which all students learn about the strengths of their own character.

Pg. 4-5

In our feature article, Assistant Superintendent, Rick Ardies describes the characteristics of good learners.

Pg. 6-8

Grade 1 Teacher, Michelle Wiebe of MES writes about her students learning the power of their student voice. Grade 8 Teacher, Chloe Tate of Clearspring Middle School explains how student learning can be facilitated through a focus on assessment as learning. Grade 1 Teacher, Ruth Lees describes engaging Early Years students in learning about “Watermelon Science” at Blumenort School.

Pg. 9-10

Grade 6/8 Teacher, Al Harder describes the creative learning that goes on in the Makerspace at Stonybrook Middle School. Assistant Superintendent Chris Gudziunas reviews the book, The Teacher’s Introduction to Attachment. The book highlights important ideas about attachment and relationship.

Pg. 11-12

Grade 7/8 Teacher, Robin Marchadour writes about an example of authentic learning in Math at Niverville Collegiate Institute, while Vice-Principal Kimberley Funk, of Landmark Collegiate writes about the importance of bringing a sense of wonder back into the classroom. This issue closes off with Monica Martens, Learning Coach sharing an encouraging story about persistence and tenacity of Grade 2 students.

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