Ward: 3, Steinbach

Tel. 204-380-2100 / 204-326-2696      Email lbarkman@hsd.ca

Trustee Lynn BarkmanMy name is Lynn Barkman and my passion for education can be traced back to my pre-professional days. I attained my nursing status after I graduated from grade twelve and found my joy in my job in blessing my patients. As a mother to four children, my commitment to the education of my children in HSD strengthened. In 1999 I ran for a position on the Hanover School Board and I have been a committed trustee since then.

My ultimate goal as a trustee is to do my part for each student in our division to have the opportunity to graduate and choose a career they are passionate about as I was about mine. I want each student to have the tools to unlock the door for them to achieve success – which will look different for each student. We need to continue to develop future leaders, instill and encourage intellectual thinking, to give and teach purpose to be great citizens. I want to continue to be a voice for the parents of our students and be mindful of who pays the taxes in our division.

I am married to Ron Barkman who I have worked beside as we farmed in the Giroux area. Two years ago we relocated to Steinbach, but continue to attend the Ridgewood Church. HSD is a great place to live.