Digital Platforms

The Hanover School Division is committed to ensuring that our Division website and school websites are accessible to everyone, in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA. We are dedicated to the ongoing effort to meet these standards across all our digital platforms and are actively working towards full compliance. We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to improve our accessibility.

Our websites have been built to adapt to the screens of modern mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Android phones.

We maintain a logical structure and provide proper heading hierarchy to aid in navigation and screen reader compatibility.

Text Size
Text size can be changed by using your browser’s text resize option, or by using the ReadSpeaker button on pages where text is displayed.

Color Contrast
The ReadSpeaker button located at the top of content pages may be used to view content in text mode which will display high contrast black text on white background.

Text to Voice
The ReadSpeaker button displayed on content pages can be used to convert text to voice. Just one click, and the text on a web page is simultaneously read aloud and highlighted.

Alternative Text for Images
Images have been given standard alt tags (alternative text) so that reading devices can understand the context of the image.

Keyboard Navigation
For visitors who do not use a mouse, pages on this website are navigable using a keyboard alone. Most modern browsers support keyboard navigation, but keystrokes and shortcuts may vary depending on your browser.

All hyperlinks will open in the same tab/window and be displayed as colored text that is underlined on hover.

PDF Documents
We are in the process of ensuring that all of our PDF documents are compatible with screen readers. In all instances, an alternate format is available upon request.

We welcome user feedback and encourage individuals to report any accessibility issues they encounter while using our websites. Users can submit feedback via email at or by using the accessibility feedback form.