Media Inquiries

Hanover School Division strives to maintain a positive, cooperative relationship with news media representatives. The news media are an important partner of the Hanover School Division, providing accurate, relevant, and timely information regarding decisions, activities and concerns. Media coverage provides opportunity to accurately inform our communities and increase public awareness of education.

The official media spokespersons for the Hanover School Division are the Board Chair (Ron Falk), and Superintendent-CEO (Randy Dueck).


Request for Interviews with Administrators, Staff, Teachers, or Students

To facilitate such requests, inquiries are to be directed through the Communications Manager who will act as the official liaison and primary point of initial contact.

Coverage of School-Sanctioned Events

Principals may exercise their own discretion to invite media to their school for school-sanctioned events. In such instances, media are not required to request permission of access from the Hanover School Division.

Request for Athletics Information

Requests for scores, schedules, team information, and interviews, may be made directly to the school principal or school-assigned designate.

Matters of Trustee Governance

Media requests concerning trustee governance may be sent directly to the Board Chair, Mr. Ron Falk.

Media Contact

Bob Wiebe, Communications Manager
Tel. 204-326-6471 ext. 2240